• Project Versions

    A project may have any number of versions (or revisions) associated with it. This is useful for projects that have multiple iterations like software.

    Issues may have two versions associated with them: applicable and addressed versions. The exact terminology will vary between issue types. An applicable version will be used to list the version the issue was found in or applies to. Any user that can create an issue can set this value. The addressed version refers to when the issue was fixed or completed. Only users that have permission to change the status of an issue may change the addressed version.

    In addition to Unknown, the addressed version may also be set to the special value, Next Release. This allows you to tag what version issues are addressed in before that version is explicitly created. When you create this version, you may automatically update all issues that are addressed in the "Next Release" to the version you are creating.

    Version display orders work in the opposite order from the display order options in other areas of vBulletin and the Project Tools! Higher numbers will be displayed first.
    This allows newer versions to be displayed earlier in the list without renumbering older versions to accommodate this.

    Versions vs Version Groups

    Versions should represent individual releases. Version groups allow you to collect a number of versions together. There are certain scenarios where all versions in a group can be searched for, without selecting individual releases. Using vBulletin as an example, "3.6.x" would be a version group, and "3.6.0" through "3.6.7" would be included as individual versions.

    A version may only be created once a version group is created.

    Version List

    This list shows you the created version groups and individual versions. You may add a new group and version from here. To create a new version, click the "Add Version" link under a specific group.

    Higher display orders are shown first here.

    Add/Edit Version

    • Title - title for the version. HTML is not recommended.
    • Display Order - sort order for the version. Higher numbers will be shown first!
    • Denote as next version? - this will only be shown when adding a version. If you select this, any issues which are denoted as addressed in the Next Release will be updated to be addressed in this version.