• Edit Issue

    The project and issue type settings for an issue are not editable via the front-end of the Project Tools at this time, due to complex permission interactions.

    This system allows you to arbitrarily change those values without regard for permission concerns.

    This is a several step process.


    Here you need to enter the ID for the issue you wish to edit. To find the ID, view the issue in question and look at the URL. You should see something like these examples:
    The 12345 is the issue's ID.


    Once you have entered the issue ID, you can confirm that you have selected the correct issue on this page. If that is correct, you should select the new project and/or issue type.


    You may also have to select a new category, version, or status as the existing settings may not apply to the new project or type. This is the last step, so once you continue the changes will be saved.