• Project Magic Selects

    This feature is available since Project Tools 2.2.0

    Magic Selects exists since the first release of Project Tools (status, issue type, versions, milestones, etc.). With the magic selects manager, you can add more magic selects per project. It could be related to whatever you want.

    You can add magic selects and their options per project.

    Magic Select List

    This list shows you the created magic selects and related options per magic selects. You may add a new magic select and their options from here. To create a new option, click the "Add Magic Select" link under a specific magic select.

    Add/Edit Magic Select Options

    • Title - title for the option. HTML is not recommended.
    • Display Order - sort order for the magic select option.
    • Value - value for the option. This is the value which will be saved when this option will be selected in issues.