What's New on Project Tools 2.2.0?

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This blog entry will resume what is added in Project Tools 2.2.0.

Friendly URLs

This release adds a great vB4 feature which is friendly URLs. It was developed to handle 7 URL types:

  • Projects
  • Issue Lists
  • Issues
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Milestones
  • Milestones
  • Milestone Issue Lists

The package release contains rewrite rules for Apache2, IIS7 and nginx. They are located in ./do_not_upload/rewrite/ directory.

Priority Management

Before Project Tools 2.2.0, priorities were hardcoded in all files. Now, they are managed via the AdminCP on a dedicated page. On update, all of your priorities will be saved and merged to not break our installations. After the update, you can edit and/or add any priority you need.

Attachment System

The whole attachment system was redesigned to use the vB4 attachment system. It have 2 particularities:

  • Attachments are attached to issues, not issue notes (like in previous releases) and inline attachments are not supported/tested,
  • It still support patch system (to be able to displays patch files in the browser natively).

A text below the 'Manage Attachment' button will explain to your users how it works.

Column selection to display

You can now select which columns you want to display on issue lists and on milestone issue lists. You have the choice between all of these columns:

  • Last Post
  • Replies
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Category
  • Apply version
  • Address version

Redesigned Import/Export in issues

You can now export an issue or an issue note as a new thread or a new post of a thread, and you can import any post or thread as new issue. All with corresponding permissions.

AJAX support

There is more AJAX stuff in Project Tools 2.2.0 like quick edit and quick reply.

Categories / Versions / Milestones phrased

Now, categories, versions and milestones are using the phrase system to handle multi-language systems.

[issue] BB Code

There is now a [issue] BB Code included which creates a link to the given issue like this:

[issue=123]Issue 123[/issue]

Better color management for issues

In previous releases, we added color support for issues based on severity. Now, you can select to use this based on severity or status.

Magic Select

Unique to Project Tools, it exists what is called 'Magic Select'. This allows you to edit issue metadata/details via AJAX. Project Tools 2.2.0 adds you the possibility to add custom Magic Selects per project. These are usable by everyone (there is no permission to control values) and this could be added in a later release (2.2.1?).

Mobile Style

We provide mobile templates for the master mobile style (4.1.11+) and in a separate file for lower releases. This adds nearly the same features as the 4.1.11 mobile style (some are missing but are missing from default style too like inline moderation).

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode allows admins to work on Project Tools issues while others users can't access them.

And for future releases?

We planned to add some more missing features which exists already in vB4 core since long time like inline moderation. This is the first priority. And with this, we could add your suggestions like you did since last months.
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