Issue: Make the voting feature more flexible

  1. issueid=130 06-24-2010 08:07 AM
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    Make the voting feature more flexible


    Use the voting function to be more advantages, like to raise priority automatically. For instance, instead of calling the vote for bugs "vote to confirm" call it "vote to get fixed". As a bug gets more votes, it goes up in priority.

    So as a function it should go like this.

    • Make an option "Use bubble up voting" per project.
    • Make an option for each priority in that project, so the amounts of votes reached raises the priority. You need this because the frequency of users on the site would determine how many votes raises a priority. If the site has a lot of users, you'd need higher numbers. If the site has less users, then you need lower numbers.
    • Make an option for the voting text and descrition for each project type (not sure this isn't already there)

    With this, you can make PT a much better idea system and also be able to consider user impact in the priorities, which helps with scheduling the issues themselves and when they should be attacked to get fixed.

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