Issue: Project tools + dragonbyte SEO and PHP 7 = fatal PHP error (unusable forums)

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    Project tools + dragonbyte SEO and PHP 7 = fatal PHP error (unusable forums)

    So I have recently installed PHP 7 on my multi PHP webserver and tried the site out on it.

    I was able to get everything working except from project tools which also caused errors in other parts of the site. Now in my settings I have friendly URLs disabled on the site since dragonbyte SEO takes care of that.

    Anyway, I got the following error with dragonbyte SEO enabled with project tools on PHP 7:

    [11-May-2016 12:49:39 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot declare class vB_Friendly_Url_Project, because the name is already in use in /home/getmango/public_html/includes/class_friendly_url_project.php on line 0
    If you are able to test with PHP 7 you need to do a few things with vbulletin to get it working, firstly following this guide:

    Then I ran this tool:
    With the options fix /home/user/pathtovbulletin --level=none --fixers=php4_constructor

    These steps resulted in a 99% error free vbulletin working on PHP 7, with the exception of the above error.

    Now disabling the plugin project tools resulted in the error going away. Same if I disabled the SEO plugin.

    As the error is referencing a project tools file I thought you would like to know about it and maybe suggest or release a fix?

    I have reverted my forum changes and stuck with PHP 5.6 until this can be resolved.
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