Issue: Mark as read in PT vs Mark as read in main forum - confusion?

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    Mark as read in PT vs Mark as read in main forum - confusion?
    Unread messages in PT can not be cleared in bulk anymore using "Mark as read" in PT.. but the main forum "Mark as read" clears them now


    using vBulletin 4.2.5 on PHP 5.6 here, together with PT 2.3.0 from the svn (rev #914).

    I updated my forum recently from VB 4.2.4 and PT 2.2.2, everything worked OK here.

    Now, after the upgrade, new (bold) issues in PT can not be cleared using the "Mark All Issues Read" option from the PT menu anymore. Or, to be more precise, they *do* clean the individual issue status (so they are not marked bold anymore), but - and that's the confusing issue - the project itself is still marked as "has unread issues". This status does not clear, unless we use the VB default "Forum Actions -> Mark Forums Read" option.

    Somehow the VB default "unread post" functionality seems to be mixed up with the PT "unread issue" functionality now.

    I hope this description makes sense, please let me know if you need more information.

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