Hi! I have one more problem. I was edit some templates of PT 2.2.1, for better look in my custom style for VB 4.2.2
Now in my UserCP I have some strange bug with New Subscribed Issues bits..
In Default style:


...and in my custom style.


As you may see, in default style problem exist too.
In depth.... in template pt_usercp_subscriptions, after:
HTML Code:
<div class="blocksubhead">
			<div class="ptissuelist_title">
				Title / Submitted by
			<div class="ptissuelist_lastpost">
				Last Post
			<div class="ptissuelist_replies">
			<div class="ptissuelist_priority">
			<div class="ptissuelist_status">
we have:
HTML Code:
		<ol class="issuecontent" id="issuecontent">
			{vb:raw subscriptionbits}
{vb:raw subscriptionbits} its same variable as used in Issue Subscriptions(template pt_managesubscriptions).
I think in both cases, it is caused by the same template-bits pt_subscriptionbit?

But... now take a look at difference between contents of headed rows in New Subscribed Issues and Issue Subscriptions.


As you can see, in first case we have four columns, and in second, five columns. Moreover, in the second case, the columns used, which does not provided for template pt_subscriptionbit(status and priority).
Well... I was think... may be its not my fault?
I will try to see how its look on your forum...